In 2013 I graduated from the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Art (Greece) feeling incredibly lucky as I had the chance to explore more than 60 different art related modules. Whilst studying I spent nearly five years experimenting with as many different materials, mediums and forms of art as I could, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video art, installations, graphic design, scenic design, history of art, philosophy and anthropology just to name a few. This kind of education gave me the possibility and the ability to see art, and especially my artistic practice, as a process in which imagination and creation are affected by various and different factors, a process without a clear beginning or end, more like a circle where everything is connected.

This way of thinking became more obvious on my work since I moved to London later that year to continue my studies with a MA in Fine Art. In the beginning I was mainly drawing human figures with pencil, charcoal and gradually markers and pens. I had – and still have — the impression that people in our days aren’t truly happy and that gave me the need to create a series of drawings where all figures can look happy, even in an unnatural, ironic even, way. After a while, I felt ready to turn my drawings into something else and so I moved to sculpture, as an attempt of creating 3D drawings where wire was my pencil and space was my paper. At the same time I was taking pictures, mainly body close ups, mapping and interpreting in my own way the human body. Moreover I tried to turn some of my drawings into painting.

Dafni Bampanioti, Untitled, 2014 Dafni Bampanioti, Utititled, Wire Sculpture, 2014 feature

I would like to consider myself as an artist without a favourite medium of working with. Everything I see and do is connected, everything is equally important. Drawing is important for my sculpture, photography is important for my painting, painting helps drawing etc. Every idea I come up with and every medium I use form a circle surrounding the way I feel about this world, and in the centre of that circle lies the human figure, you, me, all of us.

Dafni Bampanioti sculptures