WITP Members Exhibition
3-6 November 2016

Lucy Ash — Kate Enters — Laura Fishman — Lauren Mele — Hannah Pratt — Marcelle van Wyk

WITP is pleased to announce its first international exhibition: Is It What You Expect?

Taking place at the Hille & Zotova gallery in Amsterdam, ‘Is It What You Expect?’ is a vibrant collection of contemporary art from six WITP members. This selection of 2D artwork explores the colour and social commentary of living in London, UK, as well as embracing the international vision all contemporary artists wish to be a part of and enable through their creative practice. The recent referendum vote has caused many artists within the UK to feel adrift from their compatriots across the world. ‘Is It What You Expect?’ hopes to remind all artists that the voice of creativity cannot be silenced.

WITP is a non-profit organisation that supports contemporary artists by exhibiting their works in vibrant and exciting locations. Through its programme, WITP promotes fair payment of artists: when you purchase a piece at a WITP event, you deal directly with the artist and they receive 100% of the profit. WITP’s ongoing objective is to create, promote, maintain and improve opportunities for contemporary artists without compromise to their artistic exploration and development.

WITP also functions on a membership basis that is open to all fine artists and creative practitioners. They are encouraged to support and engage with one another, and communicate and exchange ideas and contacts. With 66 International and UK members currently signed up and with no cap on capacity, the organisation actively welcomes applications from all fine artists.

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Notes to editors:

WITP is a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales: 10193210

Charity Commission registration is currently in process.

Hille & Zotova Gallery
Utrechtsestraat 115
Amsterdam 1017

T: +31 6 4692 6776

Opening Hours – Thursday to Sunday:
11.00am – 6.00pm


The Artists:

Lucy Ash –
Lucy Ash is an abstract painter and filmmaker who draws on her life’s experience to express her emotional response to love, death and injustice. Mathematics, time and the battle against the odds thrown by life are key themes. Her most recent work deals with the importance of equality and compassion in the world.

Lucy has exhibited internationally including ‘one-woman’ and group exhibitions in London and New York. In 2012 her one-woman show ’49 Frames of Love’ was transferred from the William Road Gallery to The Heartbreak Gallery, London. She also contributed to ‘Creative Collisions’ and ‘Chalk’ at Winchester Cathedral. Most recently, her One-Woman show ‘Pieces of Eight’ at Highgate Contemporary Art, London, drew together the themes of injustice, love, time, rhythm and dimensions that are constant throughout Lucy’s work.
Originally a student at Central St Martins she went on to study at Camberwell College of Art. Lucy was born in London where she continues to live and work.


Kate Enters –
Kate Enters graduated in Fine Art Painting in 2000. Since then she has worked in the arts, charity, architecture and event industries whilst continuing to paint.

Based in London, Kate is a figurative painter who explores the aesthetic inspired by contemporary issues and images. Her paintings depict a recognisable snapshot of daily life, occasionally conveying a bittersweet moment. There is often a social commentary running through her work but it is up to the audience to fill in the bigger picture or remember a personal experience that the visual she shares may evoke.

Kate does not wish to dictate or manipulate a viewer’s perception of what she paints. It is a shared experience in that way and that is definitely a point she is passionate about.
Kate is the founder and Director of WITP.

Laura Fishman –
Laura Fishman’s paintings connect the viewer through the language of colour and paint.

With bold brushstrokes, drips and pours, she works opaque and translucent layers to produce surfaces that are beautifully textured, sublimely multicoloured and visually engaging.
She gravitates toward the abstract in art because it allows her freedom to interpret the world she sees through her own creative lens.

Laura earned her BFA in Painting in her native United States and her MA Fine Art in London. She remains active with artist communities and exhibitions internationally, and currently lives and works in London.


Lauren Mele –

Memories sidestep objectivity and are intensely personal and revealing. Lauren Mele’s work attempts to make the fleeting, tangible; a step in the direction of putting flesh to the bones of a narrative. The imagery is not profound but rather ordinary, un-refined and blemished. The images themselves project immediacy and disposability, portraying moments that are often overlooked, if only subconsciously, due to modern priorities and perpetual preoccupations with the future.

Lauren trained at The Art Institute of Boston in the US (2008) and upon finishing her undergraduate degree moved to London and got her MA at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art (2010) in Contemporary Art. She lives and works in London, was born in France (1986) and has been living in the UK since 1996.


Hannah Pratt –
Hannah is a London-based artist working in painting, drawing and print making. Her work is based on scientific ideas, theories and schematics with a healthy dose of science fiction for good measure. Hannah’s work mostly consists of blending lines with geometric forms and bright colours to create a context in which scientific theories can be approached from and brought to life in a more instinctive fashion.

In this regard Hannah’s intent is to add another layer of understanding to scientific ideas and make them more attainable to all in the medium from which she gains such joy and fulfillment. By integrating science fiction into her work Hannah feels a greater level of understanding from what science has achieved. Through her practice she has come to realize that science fiction often provides a wider context for the future of society and how we conduct ourselves. She earned a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts Studies from Kingston University and has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and abroad.


Marcelle van Wyk –

Marcelle van Wyk is a Namibian artist and designer living in London. She creates art that resonates with her life and environment – with the intention that the viewer can create their own story from her pieces.

She loves the tension between positive and negative space, which she emphasises in clean and aesthetic compositions with minimal use of colour. How she places herself emotionally and spiritually determines her style – thinking of it as Afro-Zen; a combination of African beauty and balance.

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