WITP is pleased to announce our international lineup of artists for our collaboration show, ‘At This Point In Time’ with the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh. The artists, chosen by a panel from a pool of impressive applicants, will each create a new work around the show’s title theme.

Both international and UK-based, these artists have already taken on important societal issues in their works. WITP is excited and happy to foster collaboration among them and to provide a platform for communication around today’s key current events.

The artists are:

Aileen McGee – Alex Close – Alex Fletcher – Alice Gorton – Amanda Lwin – Amy Oliver — Anita Rozentale – Dafni Bampanioti – Eeva -Liisa Puhakka – Emily Tull — Faith Rhodes – Felicity McCartan – Fraser Haston – Freya Taylor – Genevieve Leavold — Hannah Pratt – Heather Burwell – Irene Godfrey – James Stephen Wright – Jean Gillespie – Kate Enters – Laura Fishman – Lauren Mele – Lawrence Mathias – Lucy Ash – Michelle Hold – Mirella Bandini — Nectarios Stamatopoulous – Sally Jones – Tamara Torres — Theano Giannezi – Wouter Willebrands

These 32 fine artists are to exhibit in WITP’s open submission exhibition taking place during March 2017 at the Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, Scotland.

‘At This Point In Time’ will bring together International & UK artists. WITP hopes this exhibition will be a contemporary celebration of creative passion and enable international unity and collaboration via the visual arts. ‘At This Point In Time’ will embrace the international vision all contemporary artists wish to be a part of and enable through their creative practice and to remind all artists that the voice of creativity cannot be silenced.

WITP is a non-profit organisation that supports contemporary artists by exhibiting their works in vibrant and exciting locations. Through its programme, WITP promotes fair payment of artists: when you purchase a piece at a WITP event, you deal directly with the artist and they receive 100% of the profit. WITP’s ongoing objective is to create, promote, maintain and improve opportunities for contemporary artists without compromise to their artistic exploration and development.

WITP also functions on a membership basis that is open to all fine artists and creative practitioners. They are encouraged to support and engage with one another, and communicate and exchange ideas and contacts. With 66 International and UK members currently signed up and with no cap on capacity, the organisation actively welcomes applications from all fine artists.

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www.witp-art.com / info@witp-art.com
Kate Enters – Director: kate@witp-art.com
Ellen Schwartze – Marketing Director: ellen@witp-art.com

Notes to editors:
WITP is a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales: 10193210
Charity Commission registration is currently in process.


The Scottish Arts Club
24 Rutland Square

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday or on application
11.00am – 5.00pm


The Artists:

Aileen McGee – www.coolmaincoop.com

Alex Close – not available
Alex Fletcher – www.alexfletcherpractice.tumblr.com

Alice Gorton – www.alicegorton.com

Amanda Lwin – www.placesandthings.org.uk

Amy Oliver – www.fragilityofself.co.uk

Anita Rozentale – www.anitarozentale.com

Dafni Bampanioti – www.dafnibampanioti.com

Dimitris Kokoris – www.behance.net/dimikoko

Eeva-Liisa Puhakka – www.eeva-liisa.net

Emily Tull – www.emilytull.co.uk

Faith Rhodes – www.anwenarts.wordpress.com

Felicity McCartan – www.felicitymccartan.com

Fraser Haston – www.fraserhaston.co.uk

Freya Taylor – www.freyataylorcap.tumblr.com

Genevieve Leavold – www.genevieveleavold.com

Hannah Pratt – www.hannah-pratt.com

Heather Burwell – www.heatherburwellart.co.uk

Irene Godfrey – www.irene-godfrey.moonfruit.com

James Wright – www.jamesstephenwright.com

Jean Gillespie – www.jeangillespie.com

Kate Enters – www.kateenters.co.uk

Laura Fishman – www.laurafishmanart.com

Lauren Mele – www.laurenmele.com

Lawrence Mathias – www.lawrencemathias.com

Lucy Ash – www.lucyash.com

Michelle Hold – www.michellehold.com

Mirella Bandini – not available
Nectarious Stamatopoulous – www.nectariosstamatopoulos.com

Ruth Thomas – www.ruthpthomas.co.uk

Sally Jones – www.saljonesart.com

Tamara Torres – www.tamaratorresart.com

Theano Giannezi – www.behance.net/theanogiannezi

Wouter Willebrands – www.wouterwillebrands.com


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