Help emerging artists exhibit their art on an international stage by donating to our first-ever fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo!

Our goal of £8,000 will support the careers of our 63 member artists, allowing us to host exhibitions and events, and spur collaboration. WITP operates as a non-profit, with 100% of the profit from a WITP sale going straight back to the artist. To keep administrative costs affordable, we are asking for your help!

Please donate today! Those who donate £20 or more can choose from a selection of perks ranging from postcards to commissioned works to guided tours of our exhibitions. If we hit our goal of £8,000 we will also broadcast live as our marketing director learns how to paint, guided by our artists.

What sets us apart from other arts organisations?

  • 100% of a sale at a WITP exhibition goes straight back to the artist. We do not take a commission.
  • Our mission is to enable emerging artists to find their voice and sustain their practice
  • Our international focus provides opportunities on a global platform.

Not unlike other organisations, we are dedicated to nurturing and promoting excellent art!

Where this money goes

We’ve operated on a shoestring budget until this point, as many fledgling organsations do! We’re ready for a bigger canvas. Here’s what our goal of £8,000 can do in 2017:

  • Pay deposits on gallery space in Poznan, Poland; Berlin, Germany; and London, UK
  • Cover cost of printing posters, flyers, and programmes for all five shows in 2017
  • Cover basic administrative fees such as our website, applications, occasional interns, and marketing costs

Please donate today, or help us spread the word on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.