WITP Artists


Each year WITP adds more talented emerging artists to our membership.

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adrienne egger

Adrienne Egger

Aileen McGee Artist

Aileen McGee

Alice Gorton

Alice Gorton

Alison J. Carr

Alison J. Carr

andy reeve

Andy Reeve

Anna-Louise Felstead

Anna-Louise Felstead MA (RCA)

Daisy Gold | Atelier Coolpool | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Atelier Coolpool - Daisy Gold

Manfredo Weihs | Atelier Coolpool | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Atelier Coolpool - Manfredo Weihs

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BamBamArt - Brian Usher & Anji Richards

Bradley Mallett artist

Bradley Mallett

brenda spooner

Brenda Spooner


Caroline Banks


Cathal Lindsay

Catherine Fenton

Catherine Fenton

catherine harley artist

Catherine Harley

chris rivers artist

Chris Rivers

christian hiadzi

Christian Hiadzi

dafni bampanioti artist

Dafni Bampanioti

daisy courtauld artist

Daisy Courtauld

daniel o’sullivan artist

Daniel O'Sullivan

Duy Phuong | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Duy Phuong

Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn | WITP Arts Organisation

Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

fiona fletcher artist

Fiona Fletcher

gen leavold artist

Gen Leavold

geraldine molia artist

Geraldine Molia

giorgina bettini artist

Giorgia Bettini


Hannah Pratt

heather burwell

Heather Burwell

Hedy Parry-Davies | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Hedy Parry-Davies


Jean Gillespie

Jennifer Hodgson | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Jenni Hodgson

jessica ballantyne

Jessica Ballantyne

jillian knipe artist

Jillian Knipe

kate enters artist

Kate Enters (WITP Founder)

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Laura Fishman Artist

Laura Fishman


Laura Gompertz


Laura Molloy

lauren mele artist

Lauren Mele

Laurent Nurisso | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Laurent Nurisso

lawrence mathias artist

Lawrence Mathias

liliana gallagher artist

Liliana Gallagher

lucy ash artist

Lucy Ash

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lydia manship artist

Lydia Manship


Maggie Learmonth

Michael Lee Artist

Michael Lee

Mirella Bandini | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Mirella Bandini


Moulsari Jain

Nadya Yakustidi

Nadya Yakustidi

Nara Walker artist

Nara Walker

Neil Wittmann | artist | WITP Arts Organisation

Neil Wittmann

Nick Grindrod artist

Nick Grindrod

noemi szabo artist

Noemi Szabo

Olga Mikhaseva artist

Olga Mikhaseva

akintunde disu

Akintunde Disu

Rachel Maggart artist

Rachel Maggart

Ric Stott artist

Ric Stott

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Ronen Pollack artist

Ronen Pollak

sabina caceres artist

Sabina Caceres


Sal Jones

Sophy Smith artist

Sophy Smith

sue denim artist

Sue Denim

sussi hodel artist

Sussi Hodel

tamara torres artist

Tamara Torres

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Teja Tegelj

theodore bambacas artist

Theodore Bambacas

tomasz jurek artist

Tomasz Jurek

Tyrone Dean artist

Tyrone Dean